The access proxy feature enables external users to access different internal HTTPS servers. The RealPresence Access Director system accepts a request from a remote user, then sends a new request on behalf of the user to the correct application server based on the HTTPS reverse proxy …

Private Internet Access is the leading VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels which create several layers of privacy and security providing you safety on the internet. Our service is backed by multiple gateways worldwide with access in 47+ countries, 68+ regions. Extended access session (a.k.a., anonymous remote access) Federated authentication through SAML (i.e., Shibboleth, OpenAthens) Virtual private network (VPN) Secure proxy server; Self-managed remote access; Secure login link on your website (e.g., library portal) via a Ticketed URL link; Registration IDs provided by Elsevier When using Role-based Permissions, the Proxy tab can be controlled via the following configuration: RBP: Set User Permissions -> Manage Permission Roles -> Edit Role -> Permission -> General User Permission -> Company Info Access Aruba VIA automatically uses the proxy settings from IE to connect to the controller. Isn't this a design mistake? For example, our company network is The proxy server in IE is set to on all laptops. If somebody works from home, they are not able to reach our company network

What is a Proxy Access Card? Within the Proxy ID app, you can view your Access Cards which indicate the doors that you have access to via your mobile device. If you believe that you have been granted access via Proxy, but you do not see an Access Card in your Proxy app, please reach out to your Proxy administrator.

After clicking the link, the page you are currently on will then be re-loaded through the proxy server and you will have access to the resource as if you were on campus. Note regarding VPN. Due to the split tunnel nature of the VPN, you will still need to use the libraries links to access electronic resources when connecting through the campus VPN. VC access via proxy server using VI SDK's Java API |VMware

Hotmail access via Proxy Server Solutions | Experts Exchange Dec 23, 2013 Connect through a proxy server - Citrix Docs Proxy servers are used to limit access to and from your network, and to handle connections between Citrix Receiver for Windows and servers. Citrix Receiver for Windows supports SOCKS and secure proxy protocols. When communicating with the server farm, Receiver uses proxy server settings that are configured remotely on the server running Understanding the Proxy Settings Feature - Knowledgebase This proxy was added on our v1.4.0 release, this adds an additional "hop" between the user and the VPN server. As mentioned above to access this connection method select the three dots in the upper right corner of the application to open the settings menu navigate to the Proxy tab.