According to Amazon Linux AMI User Guide, root access is disabled by default for security reason.. How do I get root SSH access on my Amazon Linux AMI instance? The Amazon Linux AMI does not allow remote root SSH by default. You should specify a key pair at instance launch and login as ec2-user using your key pair to access the command line.

Oct 20, 2016 Resource-Level Permissions for EC2 -®.com Note: As of March 28, 2017, Amazon EC2 supports tagging on creation, enforced tag usage, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) resource-level permissions, and enforced volume encryption. See New – Tag EC2 Instances & EBS Volumes on Creation on the AWS Blog for more information. We are happy to announce that we launched resource-level permissions […] Federate access to your Amazon Redshift cluster with Jul 21, 2020

To enable console access In the AWS Directory Service console navigation pane, choose Directories. On the Directories page, choose your directory ID. On the Directory details page, select the Application management tab.

So how do we give developers read access on AWS Console but write access through Terraform provisions? This enforces consistency such that all infrastructure changes require an explicit transparent PR/merge. Please let me know if there's a better practice that I'm not aware of. The Console Mobile Application supports several authentication methods, including owner/root credentials, IAM user credentials, and AWS access keys and federated login via AWS Single Sign-On, Microsoft Active Directory and third-party identity providers. In addition, the Console mobile app supports IAM roles.

In the Amazon EC2 console, select the instance, and then choose Connect. In the Connect To Your Instance dialog box, choose Get Password (it will take a few minutes after the instance is launched before the password is available). Choose Browse and navigate to the private key file you created when you launched the instance.

Federate access to your Amazon Redshift cluster with Jul 21, 2020