Looking for a website, and resources, dedicated solely to securing Oracle databases? Check out DBSecWorx. Be sure to view the full listing of monographs in Morgan's Library: Page Notes: V$ view are views based on X$ arrays. The GV$ views are Global V$ views that have, as their first column, the instance identifier (INST_ID).

Buffered queues support queuing of messages with buffered attributes (buffered messages) and materialize them in memory. If the memory devoted to a buffered message is requiredfor a newer message, or if a buffered message has exceeded a stipulated duration in memory, then that buffered message is swapped to the underlying queue table. ORACLE-BASE - Advanced Queuing In Oracle9i ORACLE-BASE - Advanced Queuing In Oracle9i. Articles. Queues are implemented using a queue table which can hold multiple queues with the same payload type. First the queue table must be defined using the payload type, then the queue can be defined and started. Contents Monitoring Buffered Queues. Determining the Number of Messages in Each Buffered Queue; Viewing the Capture Processes for the LCRs in Each Buffered Queue; Displaying Information About Propagations that Send Buffered Messages; Displaying the Number of Messages and Bytes Sent By Propagations

The Problem I am running Oracle database, patchset 10 on a Windows Server 2003 platform. I have set-up and configured Oracle’s Change Data Capture (CDC), and I am running an asynchronous downstream capture process.

Jul 03, 2014 · And adding components to a software system is one of the things that adds a significant amount of complexity. So let’s talk about message queues. Message Queues are systems that let you have fault-tolerant, distributed, decoupled, etc, etc. architecture. That sounds good on paper. Message queues may fit in several use-cases in your application.

11 Introducing Oracle JMS. This chapter describes the Oracle Java Message Service (JMS) interface to Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing (AQ). This chapter contains these topics: General Features of JMS and Oracle JMS. Structured Payload/Message Types in JMS. JMS Point-to-Point Model Features. JMS Publish/Subscribe Model Features. JMS

May 10, 2007 · Dmitry Volkov Москва, Russia Oracle 9i,10g,11g OCP, 10g Certified RAC Expert, Oracle ACE. В различное время своей жизни я работал в Oracle Corp & IBM Corp, но данный блог всегда являлся моим личным мнением и никак не был связан с моим работодателями: " The views expressed on