Websocket and "concurrent connections" are two very different things: websocket is a protocol for providing full-duplex communication between a client and server over TCP. As SushiGuy covered, "concurrent connections" is a server specification or setting that limits the number of connections for all client connections at any single time

Handling ~4000 Concurrent Connections in Apache – BaraSec Apr 09, 2018 Use HAProxy to load balance 300k concurrent tcp socket Increase Max Connections. In HAProxy, there is a “max connection cap” both globally and backend specifically. We had a PHP Websocket server run on port 8080 and limit of concurrent connections was around 1000 connections (1024?), so we have implemented HAProxy and now its LoadBalance traffic from 8080 to 8081, 8082, 8083 and so on (so Maximum concurrent client connections to Virtua |VMware May 21, 2010

This is recommended because max_concurrent_requests controls how many threads are currently running. So if a high max_concurrent_requests value is set and a low max_bandwidth value is set, it may result in threads having to wait unnecessarily which can lead to excess resource consumption and connection timeouts.

How to Set Maximum Concurrent Migrations in Office 365

The max_concurrent_requests specifies the maximum number of transfer commands that are allowed at any given time. You may need to change this value for a few reasons: Decreasing this value - On some environments, the default of 10 concurrent requests can overwhelm a system. This may cause connection timeouts or slow the responsiveness of the

Nov 08, 2018 Configure the user connections Server Configuration Option To configure the user connections option. In Object Explorer, right-click a server and click Properties. Click the Connections node. Under Connections, in the Max number of concurrent connections box, type or select a value from 0 through 32767 to set the maximum number of users that are allowed to connect simultaneously to the instance of SQL Maximum Concurrent Connections - What is the true value