Mar 29, 2017 · How to Make Messages Self-Destruct in Facebook Messenger Open Facebook Messenger to its main page, and on the top right tap on the profile icon. Scroll down to secret conversations, and toggle it “On.” This is only if you haven’t enabled it before, but it’s always a good idea to check.

Before I Self Destruct is the fourth studio album by American rapper 50 Cent, released November 9, 2009 on Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, G-Unit Records, Interscope Records and Universal Music Group.The album is his final solo release with Shady, Aftermath and Interscope excluding his 2017 Greatest Hits album Best Of. A feature film, also titled Before I Self Destruct was also made How to Send Self-Destructing Spy Messages via Google Docs A similar site that's got the added bonus of password protection is the appropriately named This Message Will Self Destruct (TMWSD). Want something even more secure? With Burn Note, not only will your message self-destruct, it's also broken up so that no one can take a screenshot. KUOW - Facebook Promises More Private And Self-Destructing The company will also introduce new self-destruct features (like the one already available on the Signal app), so users can set messages to auto-delete or archive in a minute, a month or a year. BigString releases self-destruct SMS application for

How to Send Self-Destructing Spy Messages via Google Docs

Nov 14, 2013

If your standard text app, Google Messages, or iMessage is all you have, use PrivateBin make your texts private and self-destruct. If because of the network effect you want to stay with a big-tech platform, choose SnapChat or Telegram with your privacy settings at max. For those that truly care about their privacy, use Signal Messenger or Keybase. Send safe private messages that self-destruct after seen once. Use with WhatsApp, SMS, Message, Email, Skype, Messenger and others. Message recipient doesn't need to install anything to see your message. This app is a new tool to send private messages of text and pictures thru your favorite messenger. Sep 29, 2016 · Snapchat originated the self-destruct message idea and that’s the reason it makes it to the top of the list. While the app remains more focused on picture sharing, it also lets you send texts that are destructed when read by the recipient. Moreover, along with self-destructing text, photos and videos, you can even send stickers. Jan 01, 2014 · Self-destructing photos. Snapchat is an instant image and video messaging app available on iOS and Android that lets people share photos with their friends. Every snap shared can only last for