Mar 07, 2019

Members of the US Senate and House of Representatives introduced the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act on Monday, hoping to bring legislative action to the emerging technology. The Internet of Things introduced to help cows The trend of introduction of modern technologies, is reaching the agro-industrial sector, which opens the Internet of Things for livestock breeding complex. Now farmers of the republic have the opportunity track the health and condition of cows with the help of sensors, information from which is sent online to the computers of the dairy complex. How the internet is changing language - BBC News Aug 16, 2010 Russia internet: Law introducing new controls comes into Nov 01, 2019

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Who Created the Internet and How it was Invented?

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The main concept of a network of smart devices was discussed as early as 1982, with a modified Coca-Cola vending machine at Carnegie Mellon University becoming the first Internet-connected appliance, able to report its inventory and whether newly loaded drinks were cold or not. The internet gets introduced to the Sidewalk skunk. - YouTube Jul 23, 2020 ICANN News 500 New gTLDs Introduced to the Internet ICANN News: 500+ New gTLDs Introduced to the Internet February 13, 2015 A milestone has been reached in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ controversial and ambitious generic top-level domain program. Lankford, Kaine Introduce Bill to Combat Internet