Jan 01, 2019

How To Mirror/Connect PC or Laptop to Samsung TV Wirelessly Dec 19, 2017 How to Connect a Laptop to a Samsung Smart TV? Check to make sure that your computer and Smart TV are both connected to the same network. Visit the Smart Hub, Select “Search” and type in Windows Media Player to locate this app. Turn on media streaming from the “Stream” menu. In the list of Computers & Devices, locate your Samsung Smart TV. Connect a Computer to a Samsung Smart TV - CCM Sep 02, 2019 Solved: Samgung Smart TV Fails to connect to Samsung Serve

Solved: TV Can't Connect to Internet - Samsung Community

Dec 10, 2019

Note I have 2 Samsung smart tv's and only this latest one is affected. Update on a quick fix.. if you go onto your router (I have BT Hub), settings, refresh wireless channel, smart wireless and hit refresh. Wait a min or 2 and try the TV again it miraculously connects!

Solved: TV Can't Connect to Internet - Page 16 - Samsung The only way it will connect to the WIFI is if we do a hard rest of the router. We spoke to tech support at Samsung for about 20 minutes. He manually entered a DNS sever number and changed some settings on the TV, but with no luck. He said the issue is that the TV is being blocked by the router and thus cannot connect … Solved: My smasung tv won't connect to the internet, Error