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How To Troubleshoot DNS Client Issues in Linux As DNS is an important service being able to troubleshoot it is a useful skill. By default Linux will first check it’s local host file /etc/hosts before querying DNS servers defined in /etc/resolv.conf. It is important to confirm that the correct DNS servers have been specified within this file and that you can connect to them on TCP/UDP port 53. Setup Linux DNS Server for Windows Active Directory Jun 01, 2011

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networking - What DNS servers am I using? - Unix & Linux If you use any DNS masking/caching service that is run on your local machine, it will hide the real DNS servers. – karatedog Sep 7 '15 at 9:12 7 Ubuntu 18.04 just shows the local dns cache: SERVER: – wisbucky Nov 14 '18 at 2:16

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