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At Ookla, we are committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access all of the content at We also strive to make all content in Speedtest apps accessible. If you are having trouble accessing or Speedtest apps, please email for … Speed Test by Speecheck - Test your internet speed An internet speed test measures the connection speed and quality of your connected device to the internet. It does so by running multiple consecutive tests that analyze different aspects of your internet connection, namely ping (latency), download speed, and upload speed. Get Free Speed Test - Microsoft Store

Self-hosted Speedtest for HTML5 and more. Easy setup, examples, configurable, mobile friendly. Supports PHP, Node, Multiple servers, and more - librespeed/speedtest

Measure the speed of your network connections with Network Speed Test for Windows 10. Internet speeds can greatly vary depending on your location, and you need to know how fast your connection is if you want to determine whether you're getting the speed promised by your ISP.

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Speedtest for Windows Speedtest for macOS. Browser extension. Speedtest is now available for Chrome. Launch the app from your toolbar to quickly test your internet performance without interrupting your web experience. Speedtest for Chrome. TV app. Find ou 31/08/2018 · Speedtest for Windows : Test Internet Speed on Desktop Posted on August 31, 2018 Author Trisha 1 Comment When you pay dearly for that fibre optic internet, you want to know that your ISP is delivering on its promise and you are getting the best download speeds everywhere in your workplace or home. Take a Speedtest on your Mac or Windows Computer. Use Speedtest for easy, one-click connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate everywhere thanks to our global network. Millions of people each day use the Speedtest website and mobile apps to test their internet speed. Now, the most accurate and convenient way to test your speed lives on Optional TCP outbound port 80/443 to * for updates and LE provisioning if enabled. All ports are required to be open for any public internet IP as users will connect directly. Server Requirements. The following is required to become a Speedt