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SOLVED Cannot access shared drives or ping server hostname Apr 09, 2019 cannot ping by hostname - Unix Hi All, My current setup is: 1x Windows Server (Windows 2000 server) 1x Unix Server 2x Windows machine 3x Unix Terminals (Hostnames = A, B and C) Problem The problem iam having is Unix terminal C cannot be ping across by Unix terminal A or B or Unix server by using the hostname. Unix terminal C is currently setup with DHCP in the Windows server. I understand if i change the /etc/hosts file and

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Not able to ping hostname but IP address is working in Jan 12, 2016 [RESOLVED] Ping by IP works but not via hostname! - CentOS

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Can ping IP address and nslookup hostname but cannot ping hostname temporarily in Windows. Ask Question Asked 10 years, 2 months ago. Active 3 years, 1 month ago. Viewed 43k times 7. I have a DNS server set up on one of my machines using BIND 9.7 Everything works fine with it. On my Windows 7 desktop, I have statically-assigned all network values. Can't ping hostname May 27, 2014 Can Ping by IP Address but not by Computer Name Mar 16, 2020 Cannot ping hostname . - Cisco Community Hi, I cannot ping using hostname but it works when I ping using IP The below is the output that I get. Translating "switch1" % Unrecognized host or address, or protocol not running. I have the following commmands in the 3550 switch ip domain-name ip name-server 190.x.100.100 i