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Juniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN Configuration Guide Juniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN appliances provide a complete range of remote access appliances for the smallest companies up to the largest service providers. As a system administrator or security professional, this comprehensive configuration guide will allow you to configure these appliances to allow remote and mobile access for employees. Juniper Networks SA6500 SSL VPN Appliance The Juniper Networks SA6500 SSL VPN Appliance successfully provided a less than 1 percent failure rate across all the tests in the series. It had a 99.87 percent success rate for sustaining from 7,112 to 10,668 tunnels for a period of two-plus hours. JunosPulseSecureAccessService - Pulse Secure | Delivering Mar 13, 2012

After configuring the Juniper SSL VPN for Radius authentication, the Juniper device may have issues applying the proper User Realm to the user that is authenticating. This is due to the RADIUS Server returns an access -accept, but the Juniper SSL VPN does not know which role to map to that user. To

The new SA 4500 SSL VPN appliance that meets the needs of companies of all sizes. Juniper continues to demonstrate its SSL VPN market leadership by delivering a highly scalable solution based on real-world performance testing. Secure Access appliance uses SSL… About VPN Tunneling Bandwidth Management Policies About VPN Tunneling Bandwidth Management Policies. Bandwidth management controls the rate of traffic sent or received on a network interface. Bandwidth management discards excess packets and ensures that a user is allocated a specified amount of bandwidth.

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Juniper Networks Secure Access Administration Guide 24 Configuring Default Settings for Administrators Chapter 2 Introduction to the IVE The Juniper Networks Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) platform serves as the underlying hardware and software for the Juniper Networks SSL VPN appliances. External Systems Configuration Guide | FortiSIEM 5.3.0