My internet speed is ~58 Mbps. When I download games on Steam, the downloading keeps starting and stopping and rarely ever reaches a download speed of over 100 kb/s. Sometimes iti will have a short burst of downloading 6 mb/s, but then drop considerably.

Why is my internet slow, even though the speed test says Apr 13, 2019 Incredibly slow internet - brand new HP laptop - HP The internet is running infuriatingly slow on this brand new laptop - every other device in this house has been working fine, including very old laptop - can someone please fix this because it's ridiculous a brand new laptop is running the net so slowly.

(I got different results with different internet tests, so I don’t know how accurate the data is, but at least I used the same tester for all 4 tests; using the new tester, I found I actually have a 60+ mbps speed on my phone, 6 on desktop… the desktop speed is decreased tenfold wtf) This is just a …

Toshiba laptop with very slow internet speeds: my internet speed is good,,intrnet is working when i connect my laptop with data cable but whenever i switch to wireless conne: Laptop Wifi Internet Run Very Slow: Slow laptop internet speed (.74MB Down/1.7 MB Up, 112 ms latency), yet desktop connects fine: Laptop getting incredibly slow internet

Mar 05, 2019 · So what finally solved the slow wifi internet connection on my laptop was to set both “On battery” and “Plugged in” settings for the “Power Saving Mode” for my “Wireless Adapter Settings” in Power options to “Maximum Performance”: Since I’ve changed this setting, my laptop’s WiFi internet access works like a charm!

Jul 19, 2016 Internet speedtest fast, but browsing extremely slow Feb 16, 2015 Internet speed slow on one computer but fine on the rest