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Nigeria’s anti-piracy law operates independently of domestic laws and maritime regimes Given that piracy is a transnational crime, combatting it requires more than national efforts. After the Yaoundé Code of Conduct was reviewed in 2017, maritime laws or amendments to penal codes were expected throughout West Africa to standardise legal regimes. Nigeria to enforce anti-piracy law - Voice of Nigeria The theme of the conference was, “Suppression of Piracy and Other Maritime Offences (SPOMO) Act, 2019: Key to Accelerating and Achieving Safe and Secure Shipping in Nigeria.” it was meant to sensitise judicial sector actors on the import of the anti piracy law. The Drive To Improve Russian Anti-piracy Protection Jun 16, 2020 CHANGE IN NIMASA: New leadership prioritises Deep Blue Mar 11, 2020

The Drive To Improve Russian Anti-piracy Protection

Apr 26, 2020 Nigeria to prosecute pirates under new Anti-piracy Law

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Piracy | international law | Britannica Because piracy has been regarded as an offense against the law of nations, the public vessels of any state have been permitted to seize a pirate ship, to bring it into port, to try the crew (regardless of their nationality or domicile), and, if they are found guilty, to punish them and to confiscate the ship. Senate Consideration of Anti-Piracy Legislation | Blog